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2061 403
Advanced BioMedical Photo Communications

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This was a required 3rd year course. It was designed to explore various applications of photography that serve the needs of the scientific community. The role of scientific photography has significantly changed with the rise of digital imaging and now more than ever encompasses a wide range of contemporary services and practices. This course specifically explores the role of photography as a visual communications tool both in highly technical areas as well as some of the more eosteric problems that photographers might find. The emphasis of the course will be on the production of effective informational photographs produced as scientific data. Professional practices will be emphasized requiring the creation of visual images using the invisible spectrum, schlieren, stereo, macro, public relations, medical and biological photography amongst others. Contemporary business practices were also explored through the use of role plays.

See some of the best images from Spring 2009

Below are photographic examples of images from this course produced by students in the spring of 2008 & 2009.

Jocelyn Cheng

Chelsea Vano

Hillary Guzik

Nicole Robarge

Kendra Lanoe

Stefanie DeSantis

Josh Shagam

The file shared below is a QTVR movie of the Biomed Lab produced by Connie Gauthier.
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Course Electronic Resources

Invisible Spectrum

Botanical UV using digital cameras -
Principles of Imaging with the Invisible Spectrum -
Schlieren -

Panoramic & VR Sites

Real Viz software products -
Object movie application -
Historical panoramic site -

Scientific & Illustrative

Microscopy -
Time lapse, thermal & Snowflakes-
Snow flakes -
Astronomical -
RIT Student magnified image work -
How Prepare and Pin Insects -
Insects and objects of Science -

Optics & Optical principles


Snowflake microscopy -
Historical Medical -