MICROSCOPE ESSENTIALS: A Teaching Tool for High School Biology As part of the Photographic Sciences curriculum at the Rochester Institute of Technology, each graduating senior must complete a Senior Capstone project. The project serves as a way for students to show what they have learned during their tenure at RIT and is an opportunity for each student to delve more into a subject that interests them. The purpose of my project is to create a web-based resource for high school students to use when learning basic microscopy. Microscopy is rarely taught in high schools due to numerous factors, making tactile learning nearly impossible. Based on a survey conducted of 100 high school students, 92% of them have used a microscope before, but 52% of those who have did not learn how to use it. This capstone project will make learning how to use a microscope more accessible to students. — Laura Gordon RIT Photographic Sciences Class of 2017
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