During the winter of 2014-15, it became apparent to me that I had become obsessed with photographing snowflakes. Innocently, I began photographing snowflakes at the request of then student Emily Marshall in 2003. I have a love hate relationship with winter, but each November I get really excited to make the next great snowflake photomicrograph. You can read a Blog post where I share my discovery of this obsession by following this link. So many great things have come from this obsession.

In the summer of 2016, in collaboration with Patricia Cost and Fossil Press, Michael Photographed a Snowflake was published. This book can be purchased online on Amazon or the RIT Press. Michael Photographs a Snowflake was created to share the beauty and science of snowflakes. I have been photographing through a microscope for over four decades. My work has been featured in Time magazine and on CNN and the Weather Channel. This one-of-a-kind book was written specifically for young, eager elementary school learners. This title is part of the American Makers series, introducing individuals who express themselves through creative work.

You can purchase Fine Art Prints of some of my snowflakes.
There are more than 500 individual pictures that have been made since 2003. Most are published on Instagram and can be seen by following this link.

BookSmart Studio is owned and operated by a former student, Eric Kunsman.
The studio created an ETSY site to sell my prints. Prints can be purchased by following this link.

Note: If you do not find a photomicrograph of something you have found online, please email directly at michael.peres@rit.edu

You can also purchase Greeting Cards
The Cary Press created a series of cards of my snowflakes.

Purchase cards from them by following this link.||

Are you interested in photographing snowflakes?
You can read about how I photograph snowflakes beginning in 2003 by following this link. Here are a few other links to articles sharing my methods.
BPC Bulletin article 2010

Photo.Net February 2014

The Journal of the the Royal Microscopical Society

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Selected snowflakes from winter 2014-15

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February - May, 2017
Snowflakes Up Close
was displayed at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. The three month exhibition was enjoyed by thousands. The exhibition is available for display in other venues. Please contact Michael.

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