My Focal Press Acquisitions Editor
Diane Heppner


I first met Diane in September 2003 when I replied to an email she sent to RIT inviting applications to serve as Editor in Chief for the revision of the Focal Encyclopedia of Photography - fourth edition. After a series of phone and personal interviews with other editors at Focal Press I was retained for this monumental challenge. Diane had the enormous responsibility of keeping the project on schedule and ensuring the task was accomplished on time and on budget. It seemed like an insurmountable task to me, but what did I know, I had never published a book before. The complexities of producing a volume like this with more than 100 contributors made the work all the more challenging. Diane's experience and creativity when confronted with the various dilemmas that I created was instrumental in moving me and the other editors through the phases of starting, doing, and finishing the work. Because Diane selected me for this role, things have happened that I could never have imagined would be possible. What a great accomplishment I earned because of her trust I was the "guy" for the job. Thank you Diane for your confidence in me.


michael peres