My Teachers, Mentors, and now Colleagues
Prof. Andrew Davidhazy and Prof. Nile Root

Great teachers are just that. Great teachers. People who can inspire you to go further than you thought you could, they are people can foster new and innovative thinking, and they are people who can push you out of your comfort zone. As a student at RIT in the early 80's, I was fortunate to take courses with both Professor Andrew Davidhazy and Nile Root. Although their teaching styles were very different, they both allowed students to learn at levels that were appropriate for them. I participated in independent studies with both of them and I know how much I gained from those experiences. Now as a faculty member at RIT myself, I feel a great responsibility to be as effective for my students as these 2 most important mentors were for me. Both of these individuals won teaching awards from RIT for their approaches. Being able to follow in Nile's footsteps gives me a sense of accomplishment that I never imagined when I took the position. Nile was Chair of Biomed from 1972 - 1986. Nile passed away in April of 2004. As a tribute to his work at RIT, a special prize has been established in his name to be used at the School's annual honor show. Professor Davidhazy continues to work at RIT and makes me a better professor everyday because of his selflessness.


michael peres