My Swedish Collaborators, Friends, and Photographers
Staffan Larsson and Jonas Brane

In December 1995, I received a letter from Gothenburg Sweden from then President of the FTMF, Jonas Brane. The letter invited me to participate in a workshop teaching photomicrography to the Swedish PhD students who were studying at Karolinska. Jonas Brane and Staffan Larsson had both participated in the BPA workshop and wanted to create a similar course in Sweden. That initial letter started an event that has run consecutively since 1997 with an average number of 20 registrants from all over the world. These fun loving and hard working colleagues by virtue of that invitation helped elevate my career in ways that can not be measured. As a consequence of that first course, I was later invited to met and Chair a committee with Lennart Nilsson. Simply amazing. No words can express my sincere gratitude to these incredible friends and talented photographers. As I often share with my students at RIT, you never know who or where will you may meet someone terribly important to your future.

michael peres