A True Gentle Giant
Dr. Leon J. LeBeau

Leon J. LeBeau or Lean as he preferred to be called was much more than a simply a colleague to so many. To me, he was a dear friend and advisor for many years as I learned the ropes of academia. Leon was a teacher, a role model, a mentor as well as a dear and caring friend to many. Leon started visiting RIT in 1972 and taught laboratory photography as well as small object techniques as part of his "niche". He was legendary as a craftsman and inventor in his area of expertise of laboratory photography. He had an infectious enthusiasm and curiosity that made him legendary on campus. His annual visits to campus were anticipated by students and alumni alike. Leon continued to teach at RIT until 1998 when he began teaching photography at DuPage Community College at 76. We would talk for hours when he would visit in late fall each year. Leon's work lives on in the many students that he touched at RIT and the annual BPA workshop also held in Rochester for many years. The world lost a great person when Leon passed away in 2004 but his spirit lives on in many. I vividly recall his special stories.

michael peres