Mr. Microscope and the Constant Explorer
Roger Loveland


I first met Roger Loveland, Ph.D. in the summer of 1988. He was well into his 80's and still mentally sharp as a tack. During his career, Roger worked with some of the leading scientists at Kodak for more than 40 years including E. K. Mees and C.B. Neblette. In the research labs, Roger was always inventing new ways to do things using new materials. His Comprehensive Treatise on Microscopy was a very important text in its time. In 1989, Roger proposed a method for improving b & w photomicrography to Kodak and RIT based on a hypothesis leading to the production of more empirical B & W negatives from a variety of subjects whose tonal ranges were very different. After a 2 year investigation, several papers and practices were adopted based on his ideas. It was so stimulating to spend hours with Roger during the testing phase. He was one of those special people who made you do better because of their greatness.


michael peres