My Parents

Richard and Barbara Peres

My parents taught me so very much that I am only now beginning to fully realize. My father served as an important role model for me during all the various phases of my life. He has been consistent in his approaches and his generosity to those he cares about. I can vividly remember his reactions when I shared that I was interested in becoming a photographer. He had immediate concerns that I could not make a living. Hind sight is always so clear and in many ways his concerns were valid in the beginning of my career. Making a living as a photographer can be challenging. My early jobs barely paid enough salary to keep me in the "black", but things have worked out with hard work and with constant commitment to my dreams. As I grew up, my father showed me how to be a good citizen. He was an active volunteer in the community including being a little league baseball coach, a leader in the high school booster club and a leader in my temple. He continues to be a great role model for me.


My mother was a stay at home mom when I was growing up. She was proud my sister and I. She taught me how to be good citizens and do the right thing. She instilled a self confidence in me that has been vitally important. After I went to grammar school, my mother went back college to become a teacher. Taking chances and not being afraid of the unknown were attitudes and traits that she instilled in me at an early age. My mom supported my early interests in photography and has provided so many gentle nudges when I was reticent to try something new. In some ways, I am sure she opened doors that I did not see.


michael peres