My Big Shot Partners
Bill DuBois and Dawn Tower DuBois

At the conclusion of the 1986-87 school year which was my first year at RIT, Bill DuBois and I were analyzing the ups and downs of the recently completed academic year. In discussing new ways to teach electronic flash photography and problem solving in the second year biomedical photography class, we decided that an extracurricular painting with light project might be tried December. The idea was inspired by a similar project that was produced in the 50’s by the Sylvania Corporation called the Big Shot and I wanted to invite the students over as an extracurricular experience.

In December of 1987, the first RIT Big Shot was produced of the Highland Hospital located in downtown Rochester, New York. Dawn Tower-DuBois operated a single 4 x 5 camera loaded with B & W negative film. The basic principles of the project were, and still remain simple. The picture is made at night and requires hand-held electronic flash or flashlights to "paint" the subject with light during a timed exposure that can last several minutes. All exterior lights that shine on the subject are turned off while all interior lights are left on when possible. The photo on the left shows us being sworn in as honorary Alamo Rangers and the photograph on the right shows us enroute to photograph the Pile Gate in Dubrovnik Croatia. What a ride it has been photographing the court house where Susan B Anthony was tried, the Alamo, and the retired USS Intrepid in NYC as well as so many other subjects along the way. The Big Shot team rocks.....


michael peres