My Bradley University Head Basketball Coach
Joseph Stowell

During my sophomore year at Bradley University in 1975, Coach Joe Stowell invited me to manage the Bradley University varsity basketball team. He suggested that I could do several important things for the team in this role including being a full time tutor for the players when needed, and to act as the official team photographer while performing the typical tasks a student manager would be expected to perform.

Coach Stowell loved pictures and he loved giving pictures away as gifts to benefactors of the program. For the next 3 years, I worked a 12 month year being the team student manager performing all the various managerial jobs such as preparing the gym and lockers for practices and road trips, cleaning up the locker room after practices, and the other chores as delegated. Additionally, I made pictures for the team and University. In this capacity, I traveled with the team all over the U.S. and eventually visited Madrid Spain where we played in a 1976 Christmas tournament. Coach Stowell's approaches to life and discipline have become core to my beliefs that you can do anything in life with the right preparation and commitment to finishing what you start. His work ethic is a core value I share daily with my children and students. He was an excellent teacher.

michael peres