A Role Model and Friend
Raymond Pete Lund

As the summer of 1981 approached, I began looking for a work-study block, one of my degree requirements at RIT. I decided to apply to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the pathology photography lab under the supervision of Raymond “Pete” Lund. JHU was well known in the field and Pete was legendary for the lab he had built during his career at Hopkins. Pete as he preferred to to called, had built an empire of a department from scratch over a 20 year period. I started the position in June 1981 and spent a very exciting summer working at path photo lab with my RIT lab partner, Larry Newell. Pete and I still talk and he was my sponsor when I was awarded my fellowship from the BPA for meritorious contributions to the field in 1996. His no-nonsense approach influenced by thoughts about how services were provided when I worked at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

michael peres