Some of Important Mentors
John P. Vetter, Roger Loveland & Martin L. Scott

In 1988, I began teaching photomicrography with these "guys" at the Kodak Marketing and Education center as a part of the BPA workshop. Jack Vetter at the time was the medical photographer at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, Roger was Roger, and Martin was the director of scientific imaging at the Eastman Kodak Company. Because of his position at Kodak, Martin new everyone and was instrumental in my hiring at RIT. On numerous occasions, he visited my department at RIT and my educational program at Henry Ford Hospital where he shared his expertise and Kodak materials freely to the 8 work study students. In 1990, Jack Vetter invited me to author a chapter on Photomacrography and Close Up Photography for the now out of print, Biomedical photography book. These 3 giants each played important roles in the development of my academic and microscopy interests.

michael peres