A great friend and source of creativity
Willie Osterman


My life has often included unexplained coincidences that make me ponder why something happened in a certain way? In 1986, I moved to Rochester to assume my teaching position at RIT. At that time, I had never met my new best friend. In 1984, Willie Osterman moved to Rochester to accept a teaching position at RIT. What is the probability that 2 complete strangers will move to Rochester to teach photography at RIT, buy houses almost next door to one another on the same street, be one year apart in age, and share adjacent letters in the alphabet? My guess is not too many. Our friendship has flourished ever since that fateful day of intersection in September 1986. Willie is a true artist and has helped me be more aware of my creative instincts. When I had a chance to have a solo exhibition of my photomicrographs, he kept pushing me to take more risks with my work. That was very important advice for for me then and now serves as a daily reminder to take chances in life. Nothing is for certain.


michael peres