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Working with young people has provided me a gift of immeasurable pleasure and privilege. Teaching has been a journey that is full of surprises and unplanned events. A colleague once shared that is the most difficult job that they ever had. I would tend to agree. The challenge is not so much in gaining the important and factual knowledge of a subject, but rather in developing ways to help students have fun and learn. I have found there to be 2 elements of working in the classroom, teaching & learning. Many days I have experienced that the 2 do not synchronize. That for me has been the toughest part of my job. Learning daily how to teach life's lessons. I often tell friends that I have the best students in the school and I believe that. What good & smart people they are. Imaging ambassadors of the future. They make me work harder every day to be the best I can be. Their unbridled pursuit of perfection motivates me to do my best work for them as they pursue their dreams.


michael peres