Arguably the World's Most Famous Biomedical Photographer
Lennart Nilsson



Lennart Nilsson is arguably the world's most famous scientific photographer. Long before I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science photography I had been exposed to Lennarts' photography in 1974 when it was featured on a cover of Life magazine. At RIT, Nile Root my professor coined an expression "Nilssonian lighting". Lennart has a unique style as a photographer that has often been imitated and he surely is the pioneer for photographing the unknown. In 1997, I was invited to be the Chair of the Lennart Nilsson Award nominating committee an honor which still makes me smile. What an honor. Lennart is the best. He is fun loving, curious, and a true photographic explorer in every sense of the imagination. He is prolific in his photographic output and I am so grateful to work beside him. His constant quest to "photograph in a new way" is a motivation to me every day.


michael peres