A Great Friend and an Early Source of Inspiration
Michael Sarnacki

Michael Sarnacki - Hanging the Detroit Focus Portfolio - Rochester, New York May 2001

While the annual 1983 BPA meeting in Dallas Texas, I met Michael Sarnacki from Detroit, Michigan. I had recently accepted a position to work at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and it was a great coincidence to meet Michael a mere 2 months before I moved there. Michael and I were similar in that we were loved to work and hit it off right away. Michael had founded the Michigan Friends of Photography, he ran a photo gallery in his home and was very active in the photographic arts in Detroit. He worked a day job as a medical photographer at Oakwood Hospital and in the evenings, he did his art. Michael introduced me to the who’s who in the Detroit photo art community and soon I was participating in art shows and festivals as well. I am so indebted to Michael for taking me under his wing at that time of my life. My 3 + years in Detroit were so much richer for it. Michael is still active and his work can be seen at http://www.newcityphoto.com/ or http://www.sarnacki.com/

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