Faces of Jewish Rochester 5767
in collaboration with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester, New York

The Faces of Jewish Rochester was a photographic project undertaken by Professor Michael Peres. Peres attempted to photograph all 22,500 Jews that call Rochester, New York home. The work was undertaken during the Jewish year of 5767 and was part of the JCC's centennial celebration. Individuals were photographed as groups as a strategy to create larger assemblies. At the completion of the 12 month project more than 80 organizations had been photographed, which may include more than 5500 people.
Yiddish Folk Shule, "Shlomo's Dream", April 3, 1926, Rochester, N.Y._
____OnStage camp reunion, December 27, 2006, Rochester, N.Y.

The Faces of Jewish Rochester was a collaborative project proposed and endorsed by The Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester New York and Michael Peres a professor of photography at The Rochester Institute of Technology. The work was inspired by two seemingly unrelated activites which included Peres being the photographer for the JCC book The Future Begins with the Past and a visit he made to the US Holocaust Museum in the fall of 2005.
This project was principally inspired by the Tower of Faces gallery in the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. The project hoped to create a photographic archive of Rochester's Jews by photographing between the dates of September 23, 2006 and concluding September 13, 2007 which represented the Jewish lunar year of 5767.

[Photographer's Statement]
Gallery of Photographs

80 organizations were photographed including:

Auxiliary of the Jewish Home of Rochester
B’nai B'rith Bowling League
B’nai B'rith Lodge
Board of Temple B'rith Kodesh
Brotherhood of Temple B'rith Kodesh
Chabad Lubavitch Lag B'Omer Picnic
Chabad Lubovitch
Congregation Beth Haknessess Hachodosh
Beth Hamedresh - Beth Israel Board of Trustees
Congregation B'nai Israel - Ahavas Achim
Congregation Light of Israel
Congregation Temple Beth El
Congregation Temple Beth Shalom
Congregation Temple Emanu El
CongregationTemple Beth Am
Derach Hatorah
Hillel School Students & Staff
Irondequoit Hebrew Studies Center Students
Jewish Community Center Camp Sisol
Jewish Community Center Camp Yeladim
Jewish Community Center Centennial planning committee
Jewish Community Center Day Care Program students & staff
Jewish Community Center Gesher winter break program
Jewish Community Center The OnStage Camp
Jewish Community Center The OnStage Camp Reunion
Jewish Home of Rochester, New York Residents
Jewish Women International
Kauffman Post #14
Jewish Family Service of Rochester, New York - Board
Knights of Pythias
Lipman's Kosher Market
Matzah Factory
Melton School Graduation Class
Men in Transition
Men's Club of Temple Beth El
National Council of Jewish Women - Oscar Night
National Council of Jewish Women - Board
ORA Academy
Rochester Board of Rabbis
Rochester Community Photograph
Rochester Jewish Chorale
Summit of Brighton Rochester, New York - Residents
Sunday Morning Softball Players
Students of theTalmudic Institute
Temple Beth David - Board of
Temple Beth David - Sisterhood of
Temple Beth David - Sunday minyan group
Temple Beth El - 5K Race
Temple Beth El - Hebrew School
Temple Beth El - Sisterhood
Temple B'rith Kodesh - Executive Committee
Temple B'rith Kodesh - Sisterhood
Temple B'rith Kodesh Hebrew School Classes
Temple B'rith Kodesh Brotherhood
Congregation Temple Etz Chaim & Hebrew School
Temple Sinai - Hebrew School Session one
Temple Sinai - Hebrew School Session two
Wolk Manor, Rochester, New York Residents
Torah Studies Faculty of theTalmudic Institute
Women's Council
Young Women's Haddassah