The Rochester Panoramic Class

In March of 2001, Professor Frank Cost, Associate Dean of the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology was interested in organizing a course for students that explored panoramic photography. He was interested in creating LARGE panoramic "photographic" prints. My interests at the time was in the creation of QTVR movies that I could use in lectures to showcase the RIT facilities when I traveled. As a consequence of our interests, we developed this course. Now being offered for the fourth year, the course explores various aspects of VR movies as well as panoramic photography that is produced using REALVIZ Stitcher and VRWORX software, for both print and screen display. Students produce a variety of project that investigates VR movies as well as the creation of files used for printing of large mural prints, which has been generously supported by Durst Image Technologies, US. We currently use both Manfrotto tripod heads, distributed by Bogen USA, as well as Kaidan products in this class.

The following link is one of those simple things that inspired me years ago. It is a movie produced solely for the love of the medium by my good friend, Jonas Brane Molle, Sweden ç 2000

Panorama QTVR resources we sometimes use
this site shows you step by step how to make your ouwn qtvr tripod head very cheaply.

this is a link to a guy who claims to have created the first gigapixel
digital image it's kind of interesting,

Historical Pano site

Manfrotto products and overview of VR moves

Sound software

2005 Spring Term class portrait

2005 Spring Term class VR portrait

Good & BAD Sites that use Panorama QTVR movies

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