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Images from Science
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originally published in Spectra Photonics, July 2001, Michael Peres & Joseph Cowan

Inexpensive Digital Photography for the Dermatology Office

Art Papier and Michael Peres, International Journal of Dermatology, Fall 1999

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Teaching Biomedical Photography in the Future
Journal of Audio-Visual Medicine, Dec 1999

Controlling Vibration in Magnified Imaging

Journal of Biological Photography 1998
Richard Norman & Michael R. Peres

Preparing to go to Africa

In Feb 1998, I lead a Photo Safari through the Serengheti in Tanzania

The New York Botanical Gardens Imaging Manual

1998, Michael Peres, Garett Mariano, Suzie Becker, Alex Forsythe, Karen Braun, & Paul Roettling

Considerations for Standardized
Approach to the Use of Nudity in Clinical Photography

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Michael R. Peres, David Teplica, MD and Stanley Burns, MD

Overview of Professional Digital Cameras and Light Microscopy

Journal of Biological Photography 1998, Michael Peres

The Enlarger as a Macro Camera
Orignally printed in the Ilford Photo Educator magazine 1996, Michael R Peres

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On Site Profile:
the BioMedical Photographic Communications Program

originally published in the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography 1995; Peres. MR Ficher, WS


Peres Home

The Imaging Systems Program at RIT, Photo Lab Management December 1994

Process Control, Photo Lab Management September 1994

Techniques for Dental Photography

originally published as a handout for annual BCA workshop 1994

Color Interpretation part II, Photo Lab Management Dec 1993

Color Interpretation part I, Photo Lab Management Nov 1993

Kodak 320T Kodak Tech Bits 1992

Color Interpretation: a function of process & film
Orignally published in Kodak Tech Bits 1992, Michael R Peres

Close-up and Photomacrography
Biomedical Photography, Focal Press 1992

Precise Tone Reproduction in B & W Photomicrography

Originally published in Kodak Tech Bits Issue No 1, 1991

Health February 1990

Considerations for Choosing a Film for Dermatology Photography, MD Photo Summer 1990

The Advanced Biomed Photo Class at RIT
, Journal of Biological Photography January 1990

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Zero Perspective Imaging, Industrial Photography March 1988

Branching Out 1987, the Annual Meeting of the Biological Photo Assocition, Functional Photography Fall 1987